Processes drive the creation and delivery of your products and services and can be viewed as the way in which work gets done. In today’s economic climate, it’s important that you look “inward” to find ways to be more efficient and cost effective, particularly when having to do “more with less.”

To effectively analyze a process, it needs to be documented. A graphical representation of a process clearly identifies how each component in the process fits together. This becomes a valuable tool for eliminating confusion and helps to clarify any misperceptions with respect to “how things are done.”

Our 3 step method is designed to document and analyze your key business processes both within and between departments to ensure that the connections, communications, and handoffs among people and systems are efficient, well designed, and well managed.



  1. The Initial Phase

    This step involves a “current state” assessment which documents the as-is condition of the respective process. The goal is to collect vital information that describes the current process through focused interviews and other data gathering techniques. The key deliverable at the conclusion of this phase is a documented “as-is” business process diagram.

  2. The Analysis Phase

    The analysis phase identifies opportunities to achieve greater efficiencies in specific areas. A cross-functional team is brought together for this purpose. Recommendations are based upon a thorough analysis of the current state assessment.

  3. Implementation

    The final phase involves working with your staff and management to implement process changes, establishing metrics to evaluate these changes, and working with your organization to sustain and institutionalize process improvements.