Technology Planning

Technology can be a true business enabler. No longer simply a core support function, its become a strategic ally focused on helping your organization achieve its short and long term strategic goals. In order to effectively leverage this investment however, it’s important that you have a clear vision for technology. This vision is known as a Technology Strategic Plan. It ensures that your technology infrastructure, resources, and support organization are in proper alignment with your current and future business goals.

The development of a Technology Strategic Plan can be a time consuming and strenuous process. Additionally, organizations with existing plans need to constantly re-evaluate those plans in accordance with changes in technology and/or changes in your organizations’ strategic direction or focus. Our structured process for developing, implementing, and maintaining an effective IT plan can add tremendous value in this regard.

Technology Planning
  1. Our Process

    Our process is designed to help you:

    1. Define your technology goals based on internal and external priorities and factors
    2. Define your key objectives and year-by-year action plans
    3. Gain constituent buy-in to the plan
    4. Effectively manage the plan
  2. Implementation

    We assist you in developing your technology plan from initial draft through final management approval and publication. Our one-year follow up assessment is designed to help you evaluate the progress of your first year goals against the plan.